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Medical & Healthcare
Medical & Healthcare

With every step into the modern era, the medical and healthcare sector is becoming a competitive industry with more advanced technologies for a better health care environment and reformations. Harvesting the benefits of technology has become crucially important for health care providers to increase the chances of positive outcomes. Equally, the modernization of management services has also shown a dire need to reflect the excellent features of the respective organization(s).

Emergence Of Customer Needs

The eminent competition in the health care marketing sector is booming along with the pooling of more numbers of health care companies. With every passing, more and more companies are striving to be customer-centric or patient-centric with customized products Here, the team of Sufi Technologies assist you to integrate technology for the continuation of smooth interactions between your organization and patients.

Economical For All

The Health system is a crucial pillar in every country. It demands high-quality services at an economical price. Market trends are ever changing, which is not similar to the standardized methods in the health care sector; just like the health care instruments and technologies are advancing. We ensure to keep this transformation economical for you so that the same reverberates in your services.

Easy Digitisation

With billions of customers connected through wireless technology and the majority of the world’s population are relishing assorted services via online services across the continents, digitisation also opens ample opportunities for health care organizations. Development of We at Sufi Technologies offers Mobile Applications and website development with user-friendly tools for both mobiles and websites to stay connected with those who needed. Digitisation has become the base of a cost-efficient service and improvement of better health system capabilities.

Excel Market Performance

Sufi Technologies is passionate about humanity and thusly, the health care system brings our passion works at excellence to save millions of souls all over the world. With comprehensive knowledge in research, we deliver timely reporting on the various facet of health care services and assist them in constant market growth.

Banking & Finance
Banking & Finance

Banking & Financing are two of the sturdiest pillars of humanity’s foundation. They make sure everything is channeling through smoothly while fulfilling the requirements of funds across the world.

Sufi Technologies is here to offer effective financial solutions in sectors including but not limited to Insurance, Commercial and Consumer Banking. As a team, we strive to focus on innovation to provide a beneficial edge to financial businesses over their competitors.

Tailor-Made Solutions

To reach new clients or customers, every business is required to be innovative and open to new arenas. Traditionally, this sector focussed relentlessly on innovation and cared less on customer retention. Gradually it changed and the thinking has been developed. Now there is a dire need for customer-centric practices while expanding your business to million others out there. At Sufi Technologies, we thus understand the requirement of customized solutions to deliver excellent customer service.

Data Integration

The banking and financing companies require to manage a huge volume of data including a maximum of crucial data. Our adept team offers Data Visualization and Data Cleansing services to erase unwanted data and create platforms for smoothly integrated reporting.

Social Media

Social media is an approach to reflect the transparency of any business or organization, individual as a group. It is a thoughtful approach to be open to the customers to create an unwavering base, essential for long term relations and everlasting effect on the minds of your audience.

At Sufi Technologies, we provide exceptional Business Processing Services to support effective delivery models and exponentially increase your reach as well as influence globally. Our dedicated team continuously works along with developed security measures to make sure that your business data is safe and sound.

Sufi Technologies have expertise in providing Financial Insights to simplify Banking & Finance business solutions and free management time.

Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment IT Solutions

With every passing year, media, entertainment, and publishing houses are welcoming advanced technologies to reach a wider audience within the stipulated time. The digital revolution has incredibly impacted the media industry in the last couple of years and thusly, the current scenario of media and entertainment houses is completely moved to digitisation.

The introduction of the latest innovations has given the power to the media and entertainment domain to create a better media ecosystem. Be it interactive videos or digital gaming, broadcasting radio channels or live TV conferences, everything has been transformed in the media sector. From wireless technology to regular activities on social media platforms are helping to reach potential clients and audiences.

Do you want to give new heights to your business too?

Welcome to Sufi Technologies, where we develop and deploy world-class IT solutions for Media & Entertainment businesses. With a house of industry best professionals, we ensure to get unparallel results while giving new dimensions to your business approach. We are constantly working on future-proof technology in order to provide smarter web and app development solutions to you so that you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Sufi Technologies has been handling the Media domain and its online requirements for decades and delivering custom-made IT solutions that help you achieve new milestones in your commercial arena at an economical price range.

Our Media & Entertainment Services

Sufi Technologies provides state-of-the-art IT solutions, online advertisement solutions, social networking development tools, lucid content distribution channels by exercising the latest tools and software.

In response to global clients’ requirements, we provide matchless mobile app development services on significant mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

Even if the requirements of yours go through the complex building, we will go with that, to deliver you an unrivalled IT solution media house.

The better you provide user experience, the better will be your brand value. Thusly, our dedicated team focus on providing excellent CRM solution for an intelligent communication online.

With an enhanced ERP system, you can accelerate your market reach, propel your business operation at high speed and reduce costs.

Our adept team creates feature-rich SAP development to help your business stand above the industry competitions and challenges.


The institution that imparts knowledge puts the base of our very existence and thus, should be revered. It is the nervous system of world economies. It creates technology and trains the next generation to propel the fate of humanity with continuous progression and advancements. Our progression in technology has transformed the methods of education into so many layers. Classrooms have been turned into hybrid platforms where you learn through digital mediums as well. Online classes have become an excellent medium to share knowledge through digitalisation and it also becomes easier to track the performance and results of the students. With Sufi Technologies, you can implement state of art technology in the classroom and places where it is needed for quick, effective, and even distance learning.

Worldwide Students

The time is changing, so is the education environment. Nowadays, students prefer a dimensionless class and technology offers them the same opportunity to explore their best interests and talent. Now a native student of any country can easily get in touch with foreign teachers and students as well and mix up easily because of digitalisation. The adept team of Sufi Technologies prepare the strategy to make this possible to achieve what students and teachers desire. We design new business models for educational institutions to increase their audience reach.

Aspiring Students – Make It Happen

Today the young generation is more tech-savvy, and this makes them better constant learner. Their expectations are endless, so there is an uprise in the demand for digital learning. Our state-of-the-art technology aspire your student to achieve their dream by implementing the best possible tools and software in the line of education.

Developing Applications

Stay connected with students is one of the foremost demands of every teacher and this works both ways. At Sufi Technologies, we develop unique software for mobile users so that your users (teachers, management, admin, students, etc.) can always stay connected for uninterrupted and productive communication.


E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce emerged in the early ’90s when the internet started to appear in regular households. This radically transforming digital phenomena has brought us many big changes, including eCommerce shopping platforms, services, businesses, influencing platforms, etc. Every day, it offers something new, which is continuously propelling new ideas across the globe. The thought has become old when people thought this type of market is popular only among the urban cities of the world. In order to extend industrial reach to the assortment of audiences and consumers, it becomes obvious to capitalize on new emerging markets.

At Sufi Technologies, we offer complete eCommerce web and application developing services to create a better user experience for all further online interaction and transaction processes.

Emerging eCommerce

The experts at Sufi Technologies provide comprehensive research in Market Analysis for eCommerce businesses to extract vital information about the emerging world economic zones. In this way, they can easily put their focus on the core business and because we will provide various demographic factors of their targeted audiences and reach.

Advanced Technology

We offer complete Inventory solutions and support throughout the time so that you can deliver unparallel services to your customers. From attractive UI and UX design for interesting customer interaction with your online products to unique SEO friendly content for thorough information and better ranking strategy, our professionals will handle round the clock services for your company website.

Marketing Strategy For Better ROI

Most eCommerce stores focus on displaying products to create an attractive site for their customers, but the game doesn’t end there. Search Engine Optimization plays one of the crucial roles to rank your website the best among your competitors. Liaised with lucid content and cross-channel & marketing strategies on social media platforms make the magic work for your business and customers who are searching for the products that you sell. All of these create a transparent and honest image of your eCommerce business, which also ensure building brand value.

Real Estate
Real Estate Web Application Development Services

The Real Estate industry is constantly growing and spreading its wing with the help of digitalisation. The transformation through digital marketing, SEO and content are equally necessary in today’s world to stay ahead of the competitors. Through digital marketing and implementing the right tools can help real estate business owners to grab the attention of their potential clients.

At Sufi Technologies, we provide interactive real estate websites, customised real estate website design, real estate MLS website design, FSBO website design services that are loaded with advanced and creative features to help you scale your business. We have professional real estate website developers with experience of decades. They understand the geographical targeting and location wise tool integration to boost your business. They integrate time-saving tools for both customers and sellers for quick selection and transparency. Pioneering the real estate empire in India and internationally, we strive to offer user-friendly website navigations and site structures for flawless usage from both sides.

Essential Features For Real Estate Websites

SEO Integration
Our SEO experts list your website on the various search pages, load your website with keyword-friendly content so that your website can top the major search engines results. At Sufi Technologies, we effectively optimize your website to increase your business visibility.

Mobile Responsiveness
With creative and responsive mobile app development, we empower your business to reach their potential clients or customers.

Advanced Tools
We offer advanced technologies and robust tools such as responsive property search bar, mortgage calculators, map integration and much more with creative UI & UX integration.

Best Travel Application Development Company

In the world of digitalisation, the travel and tourism industry heavily depends upon technology to expand their outreach to keep themselves ahead along with other industries and as per customers’ needs. The travelling agencies or companies require to maximize their opportunities to extract long-term competitiveness. And this can be easily achieved with our customised travel web and mobile applications, which will also help to streamline your business while increasing client engagement and re-modelling your marketing strategies to enhance your brand value.

With successful years of domain expertise, the professionals at Sufi Technologies have successfully delivered more than hundreds of software solutions to travel industry clients across the globe.

If you are also planning for an effective and economical Travel and Tourism Software Solution, you have landed at the right place.

Advantageous Software Solutions
  • eBooking system
    We provide you with an extensive solution for cloud-based eBooking and Ticketing system. In this system, your customer can easily manage the given tools and automate the workflow while accessing its functions and features.
  • Travel ERP Solutions
    For smooth fleet management and error-free invoicing, our team of experts will provide you with custom travel ERP solutions to get you accurate insights.
  • Customised Travel Management
    From monitoring travel time to tracking travel itineraries, our team will provide you with tailor-made travel management solutions.

Exceptional Features
The professionals at Sufi Technologies provide a complete array of travel application development services and support in the same way you want it to be.

Travel Planning
Demand the most exclusive features and it will be there such as flight reminders, and dine-in recommendation, famous sports based on location, etc.

App Development
Our development services for mobile application make it feasible for all mobile platforms or OS including iOS, Android and Windows.

Booking Management
Get complete tick and hotel booking management with our hack-proof web and mobile-based platform solutions.

CRM solutions
Sufi Technologies also offer the best CRM solutions to increase the rate of engagement. Talk with our professional today and get complete information on more customised travel application development solutions.

Outsource Website Development & Design Services – Insurance Business

The insurance businesses are wrapping up with a huge list of applicants, a variety of types of requirements, assorted insurance plans and many more. Handling such gargantuan sized tasks via old time’s applications and tool can make a small task seems complicated.

To improve their operations efficiently, a lot of the financial and insurance organisation have realized that more advanced tools and technology is the only answer to this. Therefore, there is a constant requirement for software development and designing solutions. To take the security and efficiency of the financial institution to another level and address the customer issues efficient with quick response, it is best to outsource website development, design, and IT software support to Sufi Technologies.

The professionals at Sufi Technologies not only have the complete expertise in insurance web design but also, in finance software development while cutting down the operational costs as well.

Sufi Technologies is one such IT solutions provider that can be your one-stop-shop for all your insurance software development requirements. We house highly skilled software developers who have vast experience and a deep understanding of handling the insurance domain.

Extensive Insurance Software Services

Decision Management Solution
With us, you can develop and get flawless decision management solution to replace the conventional methods and policy management. Our robust solution enables reusability while ensuring consistency.

Life, Pension, & Investment
You can automate the policy lifecycle of every individual with our end-to-end insurance administration system development. The software can be customised as per the requirements of powerful workflow management and architecture.

Cloud-Based Solution
Our adept expertise will provide you with integrated cloud-based software for an end-to-end modular solution for casualty, property and general insurance.

Reinsurance Market Solution
Having trouble with reinsurance contracts?

Fret not! Our developers can provide you with an extensive software solution to manage reinsurance contracts, reporting, accounting functionalities and other organizational tasks.